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Snickers Fanfic

Title: As Long As She Smiles

Author: Profiler Charlee

Rating: K+

Category: Romance/Angst

Fandom: CSI

Spoilers: “Way to Go” and "Bully For You"

Pairing: One-sided Nick/Sara, Sara/Grissom

Disclaimer: If I own CSI, do you think Grissom and Sara would seriously still be together? No-offence meant to GSR fans… I also don’t own the song “It’s Too Late” which is by Hope Partlow

Summary: My take on what might be Nick and Sara’s first conversation about her new relationship with Grissom.




Its too late to regret
cause you already left
it's too late to hold on
because your already gone
I don't know how I will carry on


“It’s Too Late” by Hope Partlow




‘So I heard about you and Grissom.’ He says casually bringing it into the conversation as their getting ready to leave now that their shifts are over.


He’s not sure if he’s really ready to hear what her reply might be but there’s a twisted masochistic part of him wants to hear it from her, a part of him that wants to have her confirm it and to tell him that maybe time to let her go and move on, if that’s even possible.


‘Yeah, isn’t it great?’ She replies as she closes her locker and turns to look at him with a big smile on her face.


She looks happier then he’s ever seen her before and he’s happy for her, really he is; because she deserves to be happy. More then any one else he knows he believes she deserves to be happy, but…


He feels like someone has stabbed him in the heart a couple times then decided that it would be more fun to twist the blade around.


‘Yeah, yeah, it sure is…’ He says sounding somewhat defeated. She seems to notice because she frowns slightly before he smiles as best he can and continues, ‘I’m happy for you, Sara.’


He almost wants to blame her, for making him fall in love with her, but he can’t because he loves her too much to blame her for it.


He can’t blame Grissom, either, because he knows that there’s just something about Sara that draws you to her. Of course, that doesn’t stop him being if only the tiniest bit jealous of him.


‘Thank you, Nick.’


A part of him is also more annoyed with himself than anything else, for letting him-self fall in love with Sara even though he’s always known that she belonged to Grissom.


That thought makes him want to laugh when he realises what he just thought, and knows that Sara would probably get annoyed at him for even thinking she belonged to anybody if she ever knew.


‘Well, have a nice day.’ He says and he means it, even if she spends her day with Grissom, he hopes that she really will have a nice day.


He can be annoyed at himself all he wants for letting himself fall for her really but he’s sure that he would have fallen in love with her anyway because by the time he had realised that he did love her it was already too late.


‘You too,’ She says. ‘See around Nick.’ She walks out the door, and he watches her go. He wants to call her back but knows that he won’t.


He knows she doesn’t love him, not the way he sometimes wished she would, but he still loves her. He’ll always love her, even if she loves someone else.


He’ll still always be there for her whenever she might need him, because dependable is just what he is and if he can help her, just make her smile for him one time then all this will be enough.


He loves her more then anyone he’s ever known and probably more then anyone he ever will, but she doesn’t know and he’s ok with that as long as she smiles…






February 2007



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