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Clois Fanfiction

Title: His Perfect Woman

Author: Profiler Charlee

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don’t own Smallville, or any of its characters. If I did I’d probably be writing for the show instead of coming up with fanfics, so please don’t sue me.

Summary: The thought of someone like Lois had never even crossed his mind but looking at her in his arms now he couldn’t see how she couldn’t be.


When he was younger he’d always thought that his perfect woman was someone like Lana Lang, the girl next door who he had had a crush on for what had seemed like forever.

He’d thought she’d be intelligent and pretty and caring and loyal and accept him for whom and what he really was when he told her his secret.

Someone who would never have to worry because she’d always know that he’d be there to save her… Always be there to be her hero.

Of course with Lana, he’d spent so much time putting her up on a pedestal that words just seemed to get stuck in his throat and he was too afraid of what her reaction to his secret might be if he ever told her.

Then along came Alicia Baker, someone who had powers of her own and accepted Clark for what he was straight off the bat, when she’d found out.

Clark had thought that once again he’d found perfect woman for himself, though he supposes Lana still held the basis of that image and that Alicia had worked that out and that’s why every thing had gone wrong the first time around.

The second time around he didn’t even want to think about, it was painful and hurt more then he’d imagined it would, but the one thing he’d always remember about Alicia was how safe he’d felt around her.

On the day Zod had invaded and Chloe had kissed him because she thought she might never see him again he’d thought for a while that maybe Chloe was his perfect woman, maybe his loyal best friend was the woman he’d been looking for.

She kept his secret and helped him come up with excuses all the time, she was always there for him whenever he might need her, she was intelligent and fairly pretty and she truly cared about him.

Though no matter how he tried he couldn’t bring himself to see her as more then a friend, a very good friend, but still just a friend and while he’d thought he’d probably be happy with her, she just wasn’t the perfect woman for him.

Now standing in his loft dancing slowly with his arms around Lois Lane, he thinks he’s found the perfect woman for him.

It’s such a strange realisation to have because the thought of someone like Lois had never even crossed his mind but looking at her in his arms now he couldn’t see how she couldn’t be.

She was caring and loyal and intelligent and pretty without seeming to be completely flawless like Lana, not only was she those things but she was so much more.

She was determined and straight-forward and she wasn’t so helpless that she couldn’t look after herself. She never let him retreat too far inside himself. She managed to pull him out of his shell in a way that no one ever had before.

She also never pushed him to tell her his secret, she never even asked and as she looked up at him then and smiled he knew that when he did finally tell her she’d accept him for whom and what he was.

Of all the women in the world he’d never expected Lois Lane to be the perfect one for him but he supposes life’s just unexpected like that and he really wouldn’t want it to be anyone else.


February 2007



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