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Doctor Who Fanfic

Title: Running Away From Home

Author: ProfilerCharlee

Rating: PG-13

Categories: General/Romance

Spoilers: Rose

Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who it belongs to the BBC. The last part is the ending of the Rose episode.

Summary: Pre-series and beginning of the Series story about Rose Tyler before the Doctor. It also shows a little bit of her afterwards




The first time Rose Tyler had run away from home she’d been about five years old. She’d been angry at her mum at the time because she’d refused to buy Rose a pink parasol like her friend, Shareen, had. She and her mum had gotten in an argument over it and Rose had stormed out the door and gotten as far as the Chinese place on the corner before she realised she didn’t really have anywhere to go and had to walk back.

The second time that Rose had run away from home she’d been a bit older then fifteen and had believed herself to be in love with a guy called Jimmy Stone. Jimmy had been absolutely gorgeous as well as charming and charismatic. He had this smile that seemed to light up a room and Rose had thought she’d won the lottery with him.

He was working to be a musician when he’d asked her if she’d move in with him and, young and naïve as she was, Rose had found the world he offered her exciting. She’d dumped Mickey and quickly run off with Jimmy. It hadn’t taken too long until she worked out that, while Jimmy was typically tall dark and handsome he was also a complete and utter space cadet.

Three days later with no money in her pockets or her bank account and an eighty dollar debt Rose had gone to the nearest police station, and one of the officers had drove her home. Her mum had chewed her ear off about it when she’d gotten home for at least an hour and a half.

Later, her mum had paid the eighty dollar debt and bought Rose a mobile phone, with strict instructions to call her if something was wrong. Also, after pulling a few strings, she’d gotten Rose a job at Henrik’s, telling her she had to work off every penny she had cost her.

The third time she had runaway from home she hadn’t been in love, at least not yet exactly, and she hadn’t been angry at her mum. The third time she had runaway from home had just been because a stranger had taken her hand and offered her the world, and she would have regretted it forever if she hadn’t.


He grins slightly as he heads back inside the machine he called the TARDIS, leaving the door slightly open for her. Rose turns to look at Mickey who is now standing next to her.


‘Thanks for what?’

‘Exactly.’ She says before kissing his cheek quickly and running away from home with a smile on her face.


February 2007



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